hi. . . marilyn’s my name . . .I love to explore life on all different levels.  My parents gifted me with an acute 6th sense, I’m not fond of labels so if I need to refer to myself, I call myself  a Modern Woman.  My path through life has been strewn with boulders, making me strong and making me weaker.  I have an appetite for beauty that is never satiated…I see beauty everywhere, it shines. . it’s magnificent. . .We were certainly gifted with an awesome planet to live on.

I’m kinda serious. . .got a Capricorn Moon. . . .I began my study of Astrology when I was 11 years old.  I’ve been told my Grandfather was a Gypsy, I never did meet him. . .but I ‘remember’ things, no one has shown me. . . .some of them pretty interesting! My Father used to keep a picture of a Gypsy on the wall. . . . ’cause it reminded him of me.

Having Polio as a toddler, led me into new and different worlds. . .some very scary, others revealing.  I’ve carried a desire to ‘know’ for as long as I can remember, how things really work. . .I dissect and explore till I can find answers., my Virgo Sun probably helps a bit here.  Have had an interest in health since  quite young age, my dear Mother scouring the shops for requested foods. . . .millet and yoghurt. . .in the 60′s. . .which wasn’t so easy. . .such a dear, dear soul.

My body carries the memories and effects of the virus. . .but it’s led me to discover what’s the best for my system.  I’ve studied various Modalities which assist the body with healing. . . .Energy Medicine is a particular favourite.  As I opened myself to this exciting arena, I realised I carried many natural abilities, gifted from my Ancestors.  We all carry on traits from our Ancestral history. . . knowing things we’ve never been shown. . . .I’ve learnt to trust and accept these. . .  as time moves forward.

I’m now 63. . . .in September 64. . .it feels good to be at this age. . .a new focus is here. . . .I’m even happy to use the ‘R’ word. . .yes I’m retired. . .to create my own life.

I’ve done lots of things over the years. . ..  . Media, TV and Design. . . .a love of textiles has taken me on many a wonderful journey . . . I still love creating with textiles,  I Paint and I garden and I love creating Sacred Spaces. . .my house is like a big studio, so many creations in progress.  After studying different Modalities. . .I worked in Centre’s of others. . . then I created my own Sacred Healing Space. . . .called Magick Moments. I create my own medicines. . .with the help of the Diva’s. . .all is provided for us. . .just look in your garden.  The Devaline Flower Essences are still available.

Time moves on, and so do we. . . . .closed up everything and went to spend time with my son. . . .then ended up here. . . .in this Sacred Country. . .on the Border of NSW & Qld. . . . planning to open a Sacred Healing Retreat Space. . . .well the ways of the gods are often not always visible. . . .it was time to STOP. . .really stop. . .and begin the deepest of deepest healing. . ..  .2012 requires us to be truly authentic. . . . ..

So I’ve had plenty of time to sit and ponder. . .absorb the beauty,  see the energy.  My latent gifts coming to the fore, no I don’t need a label. . .but I do see and hear things.  A huge world is open to my seeing. and I give thanks for these gifts. . . so now time for telling my stories. . . . .I do love to write. . ..   and with this magickal wonderworld supporting me. . . .I have many stories to tell.

I live in this magickal place of beauty and wonder. . . .  magnificent natural abundance, everywhere . .  .where the Ancestors roam and the Land Spirits nurture. . .the silence serenades. . .and Life holds me to her bosom. . . .yes Healing is Happening. . . so much to be grateful. . . .

Mahalia Sacred Healing Space on Facebook. . .also Deva-line Flower Essences

healing light, love and beauty


(ps. . . . .all photo’s and artwork. . .are originals. . .by me. . . probably my little Virgo Purist raising her perfect head again. . . . .xxx)


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