Life is giving

‘Life is giving’

Wherever I look

life is giving

my heart swells

with love

it’s physical

my body zings

with magick

it’s real

the energy so strong



I can feel it

I can feel it

I take photos

I write words


to capture

this miraculous


not sure


it’s possible

my heart

it’s thumping

so much love

not used

to receiving

life around me

is wooing

boy oh boy

what a powerful suitor

I bow my head

it’s all

I can do

the Majesty

is beyond

my world

It’s called me here


I could experience


is real

I knew it

I knew it

I fail again

to convey

the feeling

love is pouring down on me

as I’m speaking

feel this love

absorb the magick

it’s happening now

go outside

and feel it



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