Chickweed brewing

‘welcoming the Eclipse’

 Lighting the fire outside

honouring Venus Eclipse night

All is visible here

the wind is building

threatening and fierce

and the blackest clouds

 threatening to disrupt

But somehow I know

these threats aren’t real

they look very convincing

but I know

‘they’re passing over’ I say to myself

As the sparks of the fire fly everywhere

I keep a safe eye

in case it increases its strength

it does at times

then it dies down

But somehow I know

it’s only trying to scare

It will pass right over

leaving space for the Moon

So it blew and blew

fire struggled to stay alight

watching those sparks

in case they venture too far

rumbling black clouds

overhanging the scene

coming our way

but somehow I just know

not even a little bit

of fear inside me

I observe my reactions

issues about Fear

strange, no it’s not

all is connected

right here and now

Chickweed medicines are brewing

Chickweed helps the Kidneys

our fear receptors

On one side glowed the Moon

radiating fiery and golden  auras

the other black clouds

threatening to disrupt her

She was confident

and so was I

The blackest of black clouds

pass over my head

playing their part


with the help of the wind

they huff and puff

wanting to interrupt

You don’t scare me a bit

you’re just an illusion

Light always commands here

What an amazing tutorial

one only the Mother can give

Now we open

to  the magick of Venus

as she governs the sky

Boy oh boy

what a magical world we live in

lotsa luv. . .. marilyn♥


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