Queen of the night

Divine Feminine

life-giving energy

creativity behind birth

magick behind living

Gentle, nurturing

both deep and light

Divine Royal Princess

queen of the night

Heart soothing, eye cleansing. . .

magickal flower

full of love. . .

full of beauty

Sun is shining

melting away my fears

lodged in my body

cannot continue

to carry

this grief

Inspired upliftment

Cerese Azalia brings

body struggling

another portal

I need to be well again

memories of old

lodge in my body

cleansing the tissues

of toxic residue

beautiful, beautiful

Cerese Azalea

your presence

so welcome

your energy so healing

so much kindness


during this transition

love myself

as I wish to be loved

by others

the Deva’s here again

to guide me

love and gentleness

their only language



Deva-line Flower Essence – Azalea Cerese

Azalea Cerese is a very potent remedy. . the Divine Feminine energy of Love, come to sooth your soul. Divine & royal Queen of the Night. .  full of beauty. . she comes to heal your heart. She gives you a glimpse of where you’ve travelled, have compassion for yourself, allow the healing. At the lowest point, the help is obvious. . .surrendering control, accept the assistance. Azalea Cerese reveals the magick behind living. . .you are never alone. . you will always be guided. . .to that which is best for you. . .the love for you is eternal.

So much magick ready to be awoken. .  . .

love, light, healing and happiness



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