‘Magickal Garden of Love’


making magick 


Heavenly Blessings

for you

just you

your time

with the greatest love

of all

You are loved


than you’ll ever


It longs for you

every day

You forget

you were told

you would

but by amazing


you awaken

and then


sometimes seems

just too much


true, true

the very truest


your greatest LOVE

awaits your presence


Magickal Garden of Love

Magickal days of unlimited love, devotion and gratitude. . .dancing and singing.  The connection with the Divine is real & true, feeling complete, where I belong. . .in the arms of total love. Knowing I am loved completely, all doubts of unworthiness removed, at one with life and my purpose. The veil of illusion lifted, can see what is real. Magickal beauty so present everywhere.

Magick Garden of Love one of the family of Deva-line Flower Essence, all Flower Essences available here from Mahalia. . .posted to you. . .much love. . . .marilynxxx



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