I can feel life surrounding me. . .such an exquisite feeling


a gorgeous misty morning

Dreamy morning. . feeling snugly & protected

glimpses of Adelaide

is that where I’m heading

It’s been quite a journey

up here in Sacred Country

everything exposed

no space for hiding

living amongst

such wondrous beauty

Nature’s Magick

is real and present

there are many layers

they go deep below the surface

so many sounds

so many memories

the silence is full

so very full of life

listen and you will hear

such heavenly music

there’s plenty of room

to feel myself

where I begin

where I end

but I seem to merge

into all that is

there is no separation

between me and all

life dances joyfully

exuberant in its fortune

an existence created

to honour all life forms

such exquisite gifts

my head bows with gratitude

the Creator of all

is all around me

lotsa luv




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2 responses to “I can feel life surrounding me. . .such an exquisite feeling

  1. This just made my heart sing! Beautiful, just like you. Bless xx

    • An honour my dear Nicole. . .to have you ‘liking’ my page. . . .it’s been a long journey but I’m now ready to be more visible. . . .just love your energy and your writing. . .much love to you. . . marilynx (we actually met years ago. . .re Zeolite) xxx

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