sometimes you just have to do…

sometimes you just have to do….

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well it’s well over a week….

well it's well over a week…..

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Structure. . Full Moon . . .Intentions

Structure. . Full Moon . . .Intentions.

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Rocket Fuel

Deva-line Essence Rocket Fuel. . . .takes you to where you want to go!

The process. . ..  .unlocking, releasing

the ‘old’ from your Body.

Letting go of the old

from your muscles and tissues.

Forward moving Energy

is powerful indeed!

Strong forward movement

your longed for


Life bursting forward

Spring Energy vibrant

Life bursting forward


from its containers

Strong winds blowing

all being relocated

new places

new things

everything in motion

Old Heart blockages


Body healing

feeling emotional

missing companions

Awareness of others



Big things happening

Heart Energy

very active


moving forward

lots unfolding

Beginning of the last

chapter of 2012


need to be clear


in focus.

lotsa luv



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For Moon Month. . . Iris Essence

Deva-line Flower Essence. . .Iris

Allowing you to care for yourself

without guilt

 Not sacrificing self for others

becoming familiar with your own power

 and manifesting your dreams

 fulfilling your true purpose

 loving, nurturing & pampering yourself

 relaxing & receiving

 claiming your power

 manifesting your gifts.


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I heard it speak. . .

‘my winter garden’

In 1993 I moved down to a little shack high on the mountain. . .in Palmwoods. . . just out of Mullumbimby.  My son, Zeke, was 7 yrs. . . .I just knew I had to get out of the ‘rat race’, the traffic in Brisbane. . .was really affecting me.  People used to laugh when I said that. . .’cause I’m originally from Sydney.

Not long after we arrived at our ‘new home’ . . .it was dark. . .all our worldly possessions sitting in boxes around us.  It was a very humble shack. ..  the ‘Rat’ people were the previous tenants  -yes, they carried Rats around on their shoulders.  It was all I could afford, ’cause I knew it was time. . .to STOP. . . .and just be. . . my body was giving me messages loud and clear.  I attempted to make a sandwich for Zeke. . . .fighting the cockroaches. . .there must have been hundreds, I’d never seen so many.  My gorgeous boy sat on a box. . .tears in his eyes. . .he choked. . .”we’ve never lived in a pigsty before”. . . .such an amazingly gorgeous child. . . .so fortunate am I.

I reassured him that we wouldn’t live in there until I’d done lotsa work. . .we had the van. . .and a campground near by. . . that evening we slept in the van.  Next day, I set up the van for Zeke. . .my comfy Futon (I used to make them) and all my gorgeous cushions (used to make them too). . . piles of books and a plate of cut fruit. . . .Zeke looked like King Faruq. . .so regal. . .and so deserving.  Then I went inside and began the cleaning.

It took weeks. . .I scrubbed and scrubbed. . . .then began the painting. . . we weren’t going to move in there. . until the bedrooms were completed.  We lived out of the van. . .and down at the campground. . .Zeke was happy. . .and I knew I’d made the right decision. . . .the environment was simply breathtaking.

Of course, we eventually moved into our little shack. . .all renovated . . .the owner watched us with amusement. . .and I must say surprise. . . .yep I certainly was an excellent tenant. . . when I rented.

Anyway I was going to write one of my poems here. . . .written back in 1993. . .it was my first walk up the mountain. . .cradling our little shack.  It shocked me. . . it was the first time. . .I heard the Land. . .speak to me.

I heard it speak

it said to me

“I hurt’, “I’m in pain”

“look what they’ve done to me”

 Quite unexpected it came

a city girl

I’ve often been

didn’t expect

the Land. . . .to speak to me

The heart within me

felt the pain

the same life

that sustains

us both

‘Oh my god’

I said

tears came

to my eyes

‘why have they done this to you’

Human beings

where has our feeling


awaken, awaken

the danger time

has come



As we left Palmwoods. . .me to Ipswich and Zeke to live with his Father in Adelaide. . .he again had tears in his eyes. . .and he choked as he spoke. . . .”this has been the most incredible time . . . .of my whole life”. . .. so precious he is. . .so lucky am I.

much love


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I love life

I love life.

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Life is giving

‘Life is giving’

Wherever I look

life is giving

my heart swells

with love

it’s physical

my body zings

with magick

it’s real

the energy so strong



I can feel it

I can feel it

I take photos

I write words


to capture

this miraculous


not sure


it’s possible

my heart

it’s thumping

so much love

not used

to receiving

life around me

is wooing

boy oh boy

what a powerful suitor

I bow my head

it’s all

I can do

the Majesty

is beyond

my world

It’s called me here


I could experience


is real

I knew it

I knew it

I fail again

to convey

the feeling

love is pouring down on me

as I’m speaking

feel this love

absorb the magick

it’s happening now

go outside

and feel it


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Chickweed brewing

‘welcoming the Eclipse’

 Lighting the fire outside

honouring Venus Eclipse night

All is visible here

the wind is building

threatening and fierce

and the blackest clouds

 threatening to disrupt

But somehow I know

these threats aren’t real

they look very convincing

but I know

‘they’re passing over’ I say to myself

As the sparks of the fire fly everywhere

I keep a safe eye

in case it increases its strength

it does at times

then it dies down

But somehow I know

it’s only trying to scare

It will pass right over

leaving space for the Moon

So it blew and blew

fire struggled to stay alight

watching those sparks

in case they venture too far

rumbling black clouds

overhanging the scene

coming our way

but somehow I just know

not even a little bit

of fear inside me

I observe my reactions

issues about Fear

strange, no it’s not

all is connected

right here and now

Chickweed medicines are brewing

Chickweed helps the Kidneys

our fear receptors

On one side glowed the Moon

radiating fiery and golden  auras

the other black clouds

threatening to disrupt her

She was confident

and so was I

The blackest of black clouds

pass over my head

playing their part


with the help of the wind

they huff and puff

wanting to interrupt

You don’t scare me a bit

you’re just an illusion

Light always commands here

What an amazing tutorial

one only the Mother can give

Now we open

to  the magick of Venus

as she governs the sky

Boy oh boy

what a magical world we live in

lotsa luv. . .. marilyn♥

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life is radiating

‘the forest dancing with joy’

Breathing in the freshness

feeling the joy

the aroma

of life force


at peace

An eagle

glides with the breeze

such a presence

so welcome

the rustling leaves

give a voice

to the movement

Life tingles my skin

 nostrils relish the prana

awakening my cells

I feel life celebrating

thru my body

The blessings we’re given


within every second

I am alive

there is no greater


The trees serenade me

as they move with

the rhythm

clean, fresh air


my blood stream

the magick of life

never ceases

to awe me

magick upon magick

my eyes

feast on the glory

another day of breathing

lots of love

may life caress you


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